Foundations of Wellness Series

Part 3


"Real Food"

What happened?

  • All Food was “Organic”
  • Industrialized Revolution Herbicides Pesticides Preservatives GMO seeds Hormones Antibiotics Irradiation Pasteurization Homogenization
  • Conventional vs Organic

The Goal

  • Eat Food as Close to Nature as Nature Intended
  • Unprocessed Whole Foods Vegetables Fruits Meat/Fish/Poultry Grains? Legumes? Dairy?
  • Organic Seal
  • Non-GMO Verified Label (butterfly)
  • Raw No Meat or Fish Parasites
  • Grow your Food


Why eat "Real Food"?

  • Feel Good
  • Less Aches & Pains
  • More Energy
  • Ideal Body Weight
  • Brain Function
  • Sick Less / Boosts Immune System
  • Save $ in the Long Run
  • Better Mood
  • Feed your Cells!
  • Repair / Heal the Body
  • For your Family
  • Support Farmers
  • Quality of Life
  • Preventative
  • Because YOU are Worth it!

Getting started: Grocery Shopping

So Many Options! Local Farmers Market Health Food Stores Sprouts Whole Foods MOMs Natural Grocers Big Box Stores Walmart Target Costco Online Amazon Thrive Co-op / CSA Farm to Table Deliver Services Circle C Farm The Good Kitchen Grow a Garden

Getting Started: Diets


Whole Foods Organic, Wild Caught, Grass Fed & Finished, Raw Elimination Diet The Whole30 Dr. Amy Myers Dr. Steven Gundry Dr. Mark Hyman Anti-Inflammatory Diet Dr. Andrew Weil Harvard School of Public Health


SIBO Low FODMAP Dr. Nirala Jacobi Dr. Allison Siebecker Candida / Yeast Overgrowth Dr. Jeffrey McCombs Dr. Margaret Beeson Overall Gut Health Dr. Stephen Gundry Dr. Mark Hyman Dr. Amy Myers

Getting Started: Gel & Water Foods

Gel Ground Chia Seeds 1 Tablespoon Smoothie Water

Vegetables Cucumbers (96.7%) Romaine Lettuce Celery Radish Zucchini Tomato Peppers Cauliflower Spinach Broccoli Carrots (90%)

Fruits Starfruit (91.4%) Watermelon Strawberries Grapefruit Cantaloupe Pineapples Raspberries Blueberries Kiwi Apples Pears (84%)

Action Steps

Goal Feel Energized from the Food you Choose to Eat


Choose an Eating Plan/Diet One that Works for YOU Create a Grocery Shopping List Remember “Organic” Don’t Forget Hydrating Foods Choose Where to Shop

Clean Out Your Kitchen Donate the Food Not on your Plan Shop & EAT! Big Breakfast/Brunch Stop Eating 3 Hours Before Bed Educate Yourself!!

Educational Resources

  • CBS. (2018, Mar 12). Doctor Dispels Food Myths and Shares What You Should Eat [Video]. YouTube.
  • Doctors Mentioned: Dr. Mark Hyman Dr. Steven Gundry Dr. Amy Myers Dr. Andrew Weil Dr. Nirala Jacobi Dr. Allison Siebecker Dr. Jeffrey McCombs Dr. Margaret Beeson