Foundations of Wellness Series

Part 4


Why should you move?

  • Your Body was Designed to Move!!!
  • Walk, Run, Swim, Crawl, Reach, Bend, Squat, Lift, Stretch
  • Stretches your Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments & Fascia
  • Feels Good
  • Less Pain
  • More Energy
  • Why DO Move? Why DON’T you Move?

The Science…

Harvard School of Public Health:

  • Reduces Stress / Induces Relaxation
  • Benefits Mental Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Strengthens Bones & Muscle
  • Mood – Endorphins
  • Cardiovascular Benefits


In Nature

  • Beach
  • Mountains
  • Back Yard
  • Park
  • Woods/Forest

First Thing in the Morning

  • Sunrise
  • Energy

  • Park Car Far & Stairs
  • Lunch Break – Walk Outside
  • Schedule in Time
  • HIIT


  • Walk
  • Run
  • Swim
  • Stretch
  • Dance / Jazzercise / Zumba
  • Body Weight Training
  • Weight Training

Action Steps

Goal: Move your body!

Steps What “Type” Makes you Happy Choose a Few Strategies to Implement What works for you? NIKE – “Just Do It”!

Healthy New Year Series – Recap/Intention

Water Quality Salt ½ Body Weight in Oz. No 3-4 Hours Before Bed GOAL: Hydrate at the Cellular Level / More Energy

Sleep 7-9 Hours Solid is Key Same Time Daily Sleep Sanctuary PRIORITY Fix/Remove Barriers Aids if Necessary GOAL: Wake Feeling Rested / More Energy / Cellular Repair Food Eat Food as Close to Nature as Nature Intended Experiment with Diets / Approaches Address your “Concerns” GOAL: More Energy/ Cellular Repair

Educational Resources