Essential Oil Safety

Always check safety precautions for essential oils used in soaps.

Remember essential oils are concentrated substances and it is important to adhere to dilution ratios. If you plan to experiment with your own essential oil soap blends follow the general rule, for topical application of essential oils. While soaps are considered a wash off product, they can still produce irritation responses in the user. Always check safety precautions for essential oils used in soaps, and list all ingredients to allow users to avoid allergens or irritants.

General rule topical application Start with a small amount and a low dilution ratio, generally 1% to 2%. For example, 24 drops of essential oil (or essential oil blend) in four ounces of carrier oil creates a 1% dilution ratio. We’ve included a handy dilution ratio chart below for easy reference. Note the ratios are based on the conversion of 20 drops of essential oil = 1ml

It is important to adhere to dilution rations.


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