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Glen Nagel

Glen Nagel is a practicing herbalist, licensed Naturopathic physician, and all around herbal wise guy. Glen is excited to be back in herbal education as the Herbal Medicine Program Chair at American College of Healthcare Sciences. Glen’s training as an herbalist began in the early 1980’s as one of the first herbal apprentices with “Herbal Ed” Smith and Sara Katz, Herb Pharm co-founders. Glen also studied with seaweed expert Ryan Drum, Ph. D and Portland’s wise woman Cascade Anderson Geller. Glen has worked in the herbal industry as a product formulator and as an herbal educator, offering classes and courses in herbal medicine to naturopathic profession and the general public. Glen has work for many of the top herbal companies in the country including Wise Woman Herbals, Herb Pharm, and Eclectic Institute. Glen is a graduate of National University of Natural Medicine and is a former associate professor in botanical medicine at National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and a former assistant professor of botanical medicine at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. Glen has a lifelong interest in plants and nature and believe in teaching with humor and hands-on experience. Glens passion is to have students learning directly from the plants. Glen lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and 2 daughters and a garden of wild weeds. Glen plays a mean harmonica and picks a mandolin for fun herbal songs. Glen is also an amazing herbal mixologist who loves herbal bitters and cordials and all things botanical.

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