Your Holistic Health Education Welcome Packet

Welcome to ACHS! We hope you’re as excited as we are for you to begin your classes! Before classes start, we want you to familiarize yourself with important links and information you will receive as an enrolled ACHS student.

ACHS President and Founder Dorene Petersen pictured with students in 2019.

ACHS Academic Calendar

It is important for you to know the dates of your upcoming semesters so that you can plan accordingly for personal time as well as your commitment to study. Please refer to this link and mark your calendars.

ACHS Student ID Card

Once you are enrolled as a student, you’ll be receiving a student ID card that has important phone numbers and student discounts listed.

ACHS Coaching Facebook Group

You're invited to join our Coaching for Success Facebook group. Join your peers as you support each other through your education journey. Click here to get signed up!

Your Free Grammarly Premium Account

ACHS provides all registered students access to their own Grammarly Premium account (valued at $360/ yr). What is Grammarly? It’s like having your own private writing tutor. Ready to become a brilliant writer with Grammarly? Follow the instructions in the ACHS Student Center to activate your account.

TIP: You can add an extension to your browser so Grammarly functions properly in your online classroom.

Maximize Your Apothecary Shoppe Student Discount

Did you know that ACHS students receive 20% off regularly priced essential oils and herbs at the Apothecary Shoppe College Store? All you have to do is enter the code ACHSSTU at checkout. There’s inspiration just waiting to be discovered. Visit our Apothecary Shoppe today.

Other Student Discounts

ACHS is always searching for discounted benefits for our students. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be able to access a full list of ACHS Partner Discounts.

ACHS Student Email Account

When you complete your ACHS Student Orientation, you’ll be able prompted to request your ACHS student email address so you can keep all of your ACHS emails in one place and take advantage of student discounts that require an .edu email address.

ACHS Professor Anisa Kassim

Meet your admissions team!

Amanda Heller

Associate Dean of Admissions Military Education Coordinator


Molly Sykes

Senior Admissions Advisor


Chelsea Phillips

Admissions Advisor


Brady Huffman

Admissions Advisor


Student Services

Natalie DeWitt, Dean of Students 971.202.4288

Heather Baley, Senior Student Advisor 971.703.5065

Joel Strimling, Senior Student Advisor 971.244.8626

Melissa Trujillo, Student Advisor 971.244.8832

Other Contacts

Business Office Financial Aid Office Military Resource Center

Amy Swinehart, Director of Alumni and Career Services 971.703.5060

Please be in touch with any questions or concerns, anytime!

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