Ecochallenge 2021 Webinars

Sustainability and Wellness: Shared Values

ACHS Faculty Member Lisa Warman will guide us through a spirited conversation about the intersection of Wellness and Sustainability. Our special guest for this conversation is Annemarie Sampson, Senior Director at Mission Driven Wellness. Annemarie promotes a holistic approach to wellness that includes how we interact with the planet as well as our personal, home and work communities. Please join us as we explore the intertwined nature of Wellness and Sustainability.

Watch Party: Kiss the Ground Documentary

Our fearless leader Dr. Jacqui McGrath has secured a free 45 minute educational version of 2020's Tribeca-selected documentary "Kiss the Ground." We will watch the documentary together and share in conversation about the movie. Please join us as we learn about climate change from a different perspective.

Sustainability and Wellness Discussion Questions

Here are some of the questions discussed in the Sustainability and Wellness: Shared Values webinar. Watch the recording to see our presenters' responses, or pick a question to reflect on.

Sustainability and wellness go hand in hand. What are some parallels you see between healing the planet and healing the body?

Within the sustainability movement, there are often instances of “shaming” people for not recycling enough, not being vegan enough, etc. How can we encourage people to live more sustainably without “sustainability shaming”?

We have lots of products and packaging in our lives from food packaging, personal care products, health products and more. What are some tips to be more mindful in our purchasing so that both the products & packaging are safe and sustainable?

Some sustainability tips assume people have a certain level of privilege such as being able to buy organic food, more expensive clothing that lasts longer, etc. What are some sustainability tips that are affordable and accessible to everyone?

What aspect of sustainability motivates you most?

How do you build and stick to sustainable habits?

What is one sustainable practice that you feel anyone could easily incorporate into their life?

What is a circular economy and how can you incorporate this idea into your life?

How have your views on sustainability changed over the last 10 years? Have you also seen a similar change in your views on wellness?

What is some advice you’d give a person who was trying to incorporate sustainability into their wellness business?

Are there any nonprofit organizations or B-corps that we should follow on social media in order to stay updated on sustainability?

Are there any books you’d recommend to someone learning about sustainability or wellness?