Presenter Bio:

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson has been gardening for nearly 40 years. He began growing vegetables as a teenager in his backyard in Redwood City, CA. In his 20's, he installed ecological landscapes and vegetable gardens in California and traveled and lived in Spain and Ecuador. As an Anthropology and Spanish student in college, one of his main interests has been the interface of human habitation, culture, and agriculture. Seeking to further his knowledge of organic farming, he apprenticed on Earle Family Farm in New Hampshire in 1994. After moving to Oregon in 1997, he became the landscaper on Herb Pharm’s organic farm for 5 years. There, he planted and maintained the landscaping on the farm and at their production facility, as well as taught gardening, food preservation, and brewing classes. He has gardened food and medicinal crops on his family homestead since 1997.