Chinese medicine using the elements to describe a person's balance and harmony

Each element impacts the other:

Sour: LV/GB Bitter: HT/ SI Sweet: SP/ST Pungent: LU/LI Salty: KD/BL *Astringent: Ayurvedic Medicine

Examples of different tastes and effects:

Pungent: Flavor enters and clears the lungs and mucous conditions Spearmint, rosemary, garlic, cloves

Salty: Helps spleen/pancreas increase digestive function, fortifies weak heart – mind and mental concentration Seaweed, salt, miso

Sour: Functions as a solvent and breaks down fats and protein Hawthorne berry, sourdough bread

Bitter: Clears heat in heart and cleans arteries of cholesterol and fats Dandelion, burdock, yarrow, chamomile, hops, valerian

Sweet: Strengthens the spleen and pancreas and appropriate food for the liver Shitake mushroom, spearmint

How do we use all this information?

Consider constitution, consider elements you want to balance, and use temperature and tastes to help balance out your nutritive dishes and your herbal formulas.

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